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by | Jun 16, 2023 | NEWS

When Mark said to us, he wanted to raise £5000 for REORG Charity by running 5k we told him we would help with social media to boost the profile of the event. Little did we know that on day one he would fall in training and the video would go Viral.

The media response from the BBC was amazing and they jumped on the opportunity to bring this brave event to the worlds notice. So after only a few weeks of training Mark felt he had to get the 5K done while the world was watching him. Jon McGuire arrived at Tavistock Running Club, along with our team and Johnny Mercer (former MP) to support him.

Mark, along with coach Ben Wadham showed absolute resilience in his run. Ben running backward with a weigh on his back, Mark ran with Johnny alongside to beat his time he set with Ben.


What an achievement and whilst he was running the money kept coming in. The final total for the day was £250,000

This has spurred on the next endeavour. A 1km open water swim from Drakes Island back to Devils Point in Plymouth. An amazing task considering Mark has only one arm!!!

Snugg wetsuits are making him a custom swimsuit with flipper attachments for stability in the water helping this difficult event. This is due to take place on 21st May and we will be supporting him to raise the fundraising goal higher again. His goal is to raise £1,000,000 for Reorg Charity https://reorgcharity.com

Oh, one more thing, there is another event later to be announced, this is not the end of Marks Challenges.