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For the last 6 years we have been asked to  film the drone shots for the BBC broadcast output of the Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court. The BBC ask Red Air Media to do this because they know we have the infrastructure already in place to be able to get the drone shots they need to enhance their programs.

For drone ops, especially in this location, permissions need to be granted, t’s crossed and i’s dotted. London airspace is one of the busiest airspaces in the world and is heavily regulated for all aircraft including drones. Filming with drones in London must be timed to the minute as all other airspace users need to be aware that there is a drone in the air and what altitude it will be operating at.  Over the years we have Built a strong relationship with the controllers of this airspace which is essential for drone flight within London.

Drone permissions granted and references from the Police for our drone operations means that we can continue to enjoy safe and successful filming days and produce the outstanding quality drone aerials for the BBC Flower Show nightly broadcasts and all other productions where drone aerial filming is required.