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Our teams offer an extensive offer of services from Drone Data Capture to Media.
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Roof Inspection
Building Inspections
Thermal Imaging
3D Digital Twins
Topography Survey
4D Site Timelines

Cut and Fill Reporting
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Founder of Red Air Drones.

Innovator in Social Housing Data Capture with Plymouth Community Homes.

Partner in the British Drone Consortium with Skylift UAV.

Member of HSE Drone Stakeholder group .

3 year partnering Skylift in Agri Drone technology research and data capture .

Innovating leading architects into using drones to capture heritage and building across the UK.

Helping Keir Construction integrate drones into their digital workflow. Finalist in 2 sections for digital innovation with them at Constructing Excellence.

Red Air have been capturing and utilising drone data for the last 8 years. Initiated by Social Housing Clients digital data capture by drone was proving to save them both time and money.

Simply inspecting all assets but drone image allowed the in-house team to assess the maintenance requirements of the properties over the previous method of sending contractors out for a visual inspection. Our methods allow them to capture the data of thousands of  properties a year, over a short period and saving them time and money on   deciding what was needed.

Since this we have grown our skills of data capture working with leading software provider Drone Deploy and allowing us to capture detailed data for 3D digital twins to accurate topography surveys and cut and fill reports.

We work for both small and large contractors across the UK, Architects and surveying companies capturing both construction site data and listed and historic buildings.

We recently became finalist with Keir Construction as Constructing Excellence Southwest for Digital Construction Innovation where we demonstrated topography capture and data return 92% faster than traditional methods, 15 % more accurate and with less Health and Safety Risk.


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