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Director and Head of Cameras at
Red Air Drones.

Broadcast camera operator and sound recordist for over 30 years.

Specialist in aerial, adventure documentary filming and news features.

8 years Director of Red Air Drones Aerial Media LTD filming and editing both broadcast and commercial footage and gathering image and topographical data for the construction and regeneration industry.

EMMY Award Winner, category ‘Outstanding Electronic Camera Work’. Awarded the Hussein Medal of Excellence of the First Order by the late King Hussein of Jordan for services to Aviation.

Red Air Media have been using drones to capture images and topographical data for the Development and regeneration industry for over 8 years.

Keeping ahead of the game by using the latest software and drone technology, and constantly innovating new and improved ways of operation to benefit their clients, saving them time and money.

From a simple roof and façade survey of a single story building to a full topographical 3D CAD model with elevation and volume data using GCP’s and ‘Cut and Fill’ reports, the Red Air team can deliver the exact specification to the client within a matter of hours saving not only time and money, but decreasing health and safety risk associated with boots on the ground in construction environments.

Red Airs survey and inspection clients range from single man building operators, architects, and surveyors, to huge national development companies like Kier Construction.

Our broadcast and corporate filming clients receive the same level of commitment with the years of experience within the broadcast news, features and documentary filming industry. Again, our clients range from single person operators to all the major network broadcast companies.


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